–  Aishleen Lester, Founder and Designer



With a background in fine art, Aishleen Lester is developing a reputation for her exquisite fine jewellery. She has been identified by the industry as an emerging designer to watch with her miniature explosions of colour and light, that can transition from delicate to bold in an instant.

Originally a sculptor with a Masters from The Royal Academy, Lester became well known for her large scale sculptural installations, stage set commissions and window displays for Selfridges. As a fine artist, Lester worked with the Riflemaker and Nyehaus galleries, exhibiting in both London and New York, and sought by private collectors.

Lester’s transformation into fine jeweller and businesswoman has been a natural evolution. Initially wanting to explore different materials for her large scale work, she quickly became interested in scaling down her designs to create miniature sculptures for the everyday.

Lester built up her jewellery industry credentials by training with Shaun Leane and Paul Ravn before launching her own fine jewellery brand Le Ster in 2017.

While Lester’s jewellery has evolved from the sculptures she was making, they are as covetable, described as “perfectly embodying the zeitgeist in contemporary jewellery”  with precious, wearable jewels that can be scaled up or down.



The suffix ster means “to possess a quality of“- with each piece becoming a talisman – giving the power and confidence of the ‘elegant rebel‘ to the person wearing it.

We donate 1% of our profits to Young Women’s Trust.



“Jewellery allows me to combine my love of art with traditional craftsmanship, creating miniature, covetable sculptures that can be worn everyday.

–  Aishleen Lester

Le Ster combines a mix of stunning wearability and an attention to detail, demonstrating Lester’s commitment to creating fine jewellery with a character and language of its own – fusing traditional fine jewellery craftsmanship and innovative techniques with a dynamic, sculptural sensibility.



Handmade in London, Le Ster’s jewellery uses low-impact production techniques. All jewellery handcrafted and made to order in limited numbers, reducing any unnecessary waste associated with mass production. Precious stones are sourced from legitimate sources and are conflict free. All our gold is of the highest standard, and fairtrade gold can be requested for bespoke commissions.

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